5 Senses to Change

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The 5 Senses to Change Tool Kits

Living the concepts of self-refinement, personal growth, manifestation and transformation every hour of every day is sometimes difficult; unless you have tools and techniques to help you re-focus immediately anytime, anywhere.

This method utilizes proven, easy-to-use, fun tools that immediately bring you back to your desired emotional state. Whether you have just started learning manifestation and transformation concepts or whether you have been practicing for a while, you know that maintaining the right emotion or feeling is at the core of achieving success. All of the books and teachers will tell you that you have to “feel” the change that you want to attract. However, there are times when even masters of manifestation are challenged to bring about a feeling without some help.

Each of our senses has a direct line of communication to our brain. Our brain creates an electrical impulse with a specific frequency that corresponds to a different feeling. For example, if you eat a piece of chocolate your brain generates the electrical impulses that create a feeling similar to being in love.
Every aspect of our 5 Senses to Change product has been designed to bring about the desired feeling in you, the experiencer. Everything about the pouch corresponds to the frequency that matches the emotion identified on the label. Inside each Pouch you will find:

  • Sight: Two double-sided affirmation cards with a total of 4 affirmations
  • Taste: type of drink or food known to create a specific mood
  • Sound: known to create a specific feeling
  • Smell: One vial of aroma therapy specially blended to generate the specific feeling
  • Touch: One crystal specifically selected for its supportive qualities
  • Bonus: one thumb drive containing our Rainbow Meditation and 100 phrases to remind you of your greatness audio files (mp3)

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