7-Chakra stretch bracelet


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An elastic bracelet with 7 different beads representing each of the 7 chakras.


Our 7-Chakra combo is designed to harmonize and energize all seven energy centers in the wearer’s body. This is our signature gem therapy combination. Each chakra is represented in one of its associated stones. The round bead is the most effective for releasing the gem’s healing properties. With each chakra being energized by the gems, you receive healing energy head-to-toe and receive soothing energy for your mind and spirit.

  • 1st chakra / root chakra is represented by bloodstone. These stones focus on keeping the wearer safe and protected. From a health perspective these stones focus on the body’s energy helping the body re-energize, regenerate, and revitalize. These stones also help detoxify by healing and enhancing the body’s elimination organs and system.
  • 2nd chakra / sacral chakra is represented by carnelian. The importance of having this stone in the 7-chakra combination is to keep the other stones clean and strong. Carnelian also helps the wearer have a love and zest for life and at the same time removes the fear of death. It imparts the wearer with courage and motivation to succeed in business. This stone helps heal lower back problems, arthritis, and depression. Mentally and emotionally it restores your vitality and motivation.
  • 3rd chakra / solar plexus chakra is represented by the sun energy of the citrine gem. This is the stone of wealth and manifestation, helping the wearer find their purpose in life and pursue it successfully. The health benefits of this stone reverses degenerative diseases, is beneficial for chronic fatigue syndrome, negates infections, and benefits the endocrine system.
  • 4th chakra / heart chakra is represented by green aventurine which works with this energy center to help heal and strengthen the physical heart, lungs, circulation and the chest in general. This stone is excellent for healing by getting to the source of what caused the disease, helping the wearer to heal past traumas.
  • 5th chakra / throat chakra is represented by turquoise. This stone helps the wearer eliminate self-sabotaging behavior, especially helps against martyr type behavior. This stone is anti-inflammatory and detoxifying. It helps the whole body’s immune system and heals the whole body. Excellent for warding off exhaustion, depression, and panic attacks.
  • 6th chakra / third eye chakra is represented by amethyst, which is one of the most powerful and versatile spiritual stones and should be in everyone’s crystal toolkit. It is a strong protective stone that defends against psychic attacks and protects against environmental stressors. Since ancient times it has been known as the stone of sobriety; it helps overcome addictions of all types. From a health perspective, this stone both cleanses and strengthens all organs and the immune system. Its calming effect reduces tension, headaches, and brings restful sleep.
  • 7th chakra / crown chakra is represented by clear quartz, which is the most powerful energy amplifier and healing energy known to us. This crystal helps amplify the energy of any stone or crystal in its proximity. The pure energy of Clear Quartz makes it a master healer stone, meaning it can be used to heal any condition.


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