Amethyst stretch bracelet


Elastic bracelet with amethyst beads.



Through the centuries, amethyst has  been known as a stone of protection; one that guards against psychic attacks. The ancient Greeks believed it to be the stone of sobriety. It is used to help overcome all types of addictions. It is considered to be a strong healing stone for body, mind, and spirit.

For the body, this stone accelerates healing of bruises and injuries. It helps tune the body’s energies to strengthen the endocrine system. Because of its calming nature, it helps reduce tension headaches. It helps relieve insomnia and ward off nightmares.

For the mind, this stone helps increase focus and clarity, therefore improving the decision making process. This stone brings the wearer tranquility and a deeper understanding of difficult situations.

For the spirit, this stone enhances intuition and awakens the person’s natural psychic abilities.

Wearing this stone as jewelry made from smooth round amethyst beads allows the wearer to receive maximum benefit. The sphere beads are most beneficial to maintain the energy smoothly and evenly distributed. If you wear raw amethyst crystal points, position the point in the direction you want the energy to flow. For example, have the point aimed at you if you want to receive energy (as in alleviating chronic fatigue), and have the point aimed away from you if you want to release energy (as in relieving a tension headache).


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