Black Tourmaline stretch bracelet


An elastic bracelet with black tourmaline beads.



Because of black tourmaline’s connection to earth’s energies, this is considered a great grounding stone. Through the ages and many cultures, black tourmaline has been used as a stone of protection. Both of these characteristics have made it a staple in any energy worker’s toolkit.

For the body, black tourmaline offers both protection and transformation. It protects against environmental radiation, electromagnetic smog, spells and ill wishing.  This stone also alleviates pain and coordination problems, therefore it is used for arthritis, dyslexia, hand-eye coordination, etc. Because it helps strengthen the immune system it is also good for defending against debilitating illnesses.

For the mind, this stone helps alleviate fear and stress; often used to treat paranoia.  It encourages a positive attitude even in the most difficult circumstances. It helps increase self-confidence, inspiration, compassion,  and prosperity thinking.

For the spirit, black tourmaline offers to cleanse, purify, and transform the energies in your environment. It helps balance all of the chakras. This stone also encourages introspection and thus assists in a better understanding of yourself and your relationships.

Black tourmaline jewelry is a multi-tasker. When you wear the jewelry your body, mind, and spirit receive all of the benefits mentioned above. And, when you are not wearing  the jewelry, it is working to clear and transform the energy of whatever room it is in. Many people leave their black tourmaline jewelry on their night stand to get better sleep and ward off nightmares.


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