Blue Lapis stretch bracelet


An elastic bracelet with blue lapis beads.


Blue Lapis is associated with the throat chakra. If you are a teacher, coach, therapist, singer, or public speaker, this bracelet is for you. Our throat chakra is about speaking our truth and building trust in relationships through communication.

Spiritually, this stone helps develop your intuitive abilities and spiritual communications through dreams. Blue Lapis creates a protected safe space for you to step into your spiritual power and work with your spirit guides. This stone also helps remove curses that were the result of not speaking up.

Mentally, blue lapis acts as an amplifier of logical thinking, objectivity, and clarity of thought. It is a great stone to use when working through difficult problems and decisions.

Emotionally, this stone helps develop leadership qualities. It helps self –awareness, honesty, compassion, and a desire to “Do the right thing.”

For the body, blue lapis is a soothing and relaxing stone that alleviates pain, even migraines. It also strengthens and helps heal the throat, larynx, thyroid, thymus, and overall immune system.

Blue Lapis helps you align and balance your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves; this harmony is the path to deep inner-self knowledge.


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