Garnet stretch bracelet


An elastic bracelet with garnet beads.


Garnet is the stone for team building, leadership,  and business success. This stone brings courage, hope, and mutual assistance in seemingly hopeless situations; this makes it the stone to have in crisis situations.

Spiritually, Garnet helps you recall your past lives. This is also a stone that is great for clearing negativity from your chakras.

Mentally, this stone helps you take an honest look at yourself and others, making it a great facilitator of releasing what no longer serves you. Garnet helps you release inhibitions and old patterns, opens up your heart chakra and strengthens self-confidence.

Emotionally, this is a stone of commitment, it is a stone that inspires love and devotion.

For the body, Garnet is great for assisting in the healing of spinal disorders, blood disorders, heart, and lung disease.


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