Green Aventurine stretch bracelet


An elastic bracelet with green aventurine beads.



Green Aventurine is the stone of positivity and prosperity. And because it is a heart chakra stone, it helps in healing of all manner of emotional wounds including a “broken heart”.

Spiritually, this stone is connected to nature and all the magical creators living there, like fairies, sprites, dragons, and more. The wearer experiences heightened awareness and psychic abilities.

Mentally, green aventurine helps the wearer be more decisive and awaken their leadership skills. This stone promotes perseverance, which is one of the reasons it is considered a stone of manifestation and prosperity.

Emotionally, this stone promotes compassion and empathy – which is important in the forgiveness and healing process.

For the body, wearing a green aventurine bracelet helps protect against both environmental and electromagnetic smog. This stone helps you remember and understand where your ailments started so that you can release/heal them. It is especially helpful in alleviating stammering, anxiety, depression, and nervousness. Green aventurine is an anti-inflammatory stone and because of its connection to the heart chakra, it also helps regenerate and strengthen this chakra’s related organs and systems: thymus gland, blood pressure, migraine headaches, adrenals, heart, and lungs.


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