Snowflake Obsidian stretch bracelet


An elastic bracelet with snowflake obsidian beads.



If you have embarked on a journey of personal improvement, then Snowflake obsidian is the stone for you. The calming and soothing nature of this stone puts you in the right mindset to look at your self and life and value the lessons learned from past mistakes and past accomplishments.

Spiritually, Obsidian stones in general are truth-seeking and a great tool for raising awareness of destructive patterns. Snowflake Obsidian is much gentler than other obsidians when doing self-work; it helps you release negative thinking and stressful situations or behaviors.  This stone is also a stone for the earth chakra and root chakra tethering.

Mentally, this is an excellent stone for Highly Sensitive Personalities or Empaths, because of its ability to block psychic attacks and negativity. Snowflake Obsidian helps bring mental clarity of thought, purpose, and being.

Emotionally, this is a protective and grounding stone; including shielding geopathic and environmental smog.

For the body, Snowflake Obsidian strengthens and helps heal the cardiovascular system and the skeleton. It also helps improve circulation.


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