Agate stretch bracelet



If you are working on self-improvement then this bracelet is for you. Agate helps the wearer with self-acceptance, self-analysis, and self-improvement. And, since this is a very calming, balancing, and grounding stone, it makes working on self much easier.

Spiritually, this stone helps with inner growth by raising the wearer’s consciousness and connecting to the greater good. It encourages quiet contemplation.

Mentally, agate improves concentration, perception, analytical thinking, and shifts one to solution mode.

Emotionally, this stone helps with forgiveness by helping you overcome bitterness, negativity, and anger. Agate moves the wearer with courage and safety to love again.

For the body, agate is a cleansing stone making way for healing on all levels. Its healing energy helps the eyes, stomach, uterus, pancreas, blood vessels, and skin disorders.

Agate is a grounding stone that helps balance the intellectual, emotional, and physical selves; it harmonizes the Yin Yang energies.


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