Turquoise stretch bracelet


An elastic bracelet with turquoise beads.


Turquoise is one of those stones that every person should have in their gem therapy repertoire. It is a strong healing stone for body, mind, and spirit. It is calming to the mind and awakens the spirit.

For the body, turquoise clears negative energies and protects against electromagnetic smog.  This stone helps alleviate exhaustion, depression, mood swings, and anxiety attacks. It is also thought to help with eye problems and cataracts.

For the mind, this stone enhances creative thinking and problem solving. It is a very calming stone for speaking in public. It helps one realize their potential. This is a great stone to help eliminate martyrdom and self-sabotaging behavior.

For the spirit, turquoise awakens the wearer’s psychic and clairvoyant abilities when the stone is placed on the forehead (third eye chakra). Wearing a necklace of turquoise helps you speak your truth and heal the throat chakra from silencing traumas (often found in people who have experienced past abuse).

Turquoise is an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying  stone and therefore is excellent for healing injuries, gout, rheumatism, cramps, and pain.


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